Bronx terminal brings environmental benefits

Bronx terminal brings environmental benefits
16 October 2018

McInnis Cement has opened its Bronx terminal at the South Bronx waterfront, New York, USA. The terminal is approximately 100,000ft2 with a warehouse for storing 44,000Mt of cement. Large ocean-going vessels will deliver cement from the company's plant in Port-Daniel-Gascons, Quebec, to the Bronx about once per month.

The environmental benefits of the project will include a decrease in traffic on local roads and bridges, eliminating as many as 25,000 one-way truck trips across the region. An expected 2m truck miles will be removed off of the roads. Furthermore, the company states that "it is estimated that McInnis's distribution approach will reduce cement delivery-related emissions in the area by 35 per cent – positively impacting air quality."

The terminal is the first new industrial maritime project on the South Bronx waterfront in more than 50 years. A new quarter-mile segment of the Greenway has been built between the terminal, the adjacent wetlands and the East River for the community's enjoyment. McInnis has also helped enhance, maintain and protect three acres of restored wetlands adjoining the site.

Meanwhile, a wave attenuator was installed to protect the wetlands and the shoreline. The terminal is also the first project to receive the national WEDG (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines) Certification from the Waterfront Alliance.

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