First ORC WHR plant for Turkey

First ORC WHR plant for Turkey
29 October 2018

Cimko Narli cement works, owned by Sanko Holding, has awarded the turnkey contract for a waste heat recovery-based power plant to CTP Team, Italy.

The facility will use organic Rankine cycle technology, a first in Turkey. Waste gas from the cooler will drive a 7MW turbo generator and produce around 12 per cent of the cement plant's electricity requirement, with an annual efficiency of 7920h and generate 36mkWh per year.

CTP Team Assistant General Manager, Acelya Arik, and Sales Director, Marco Ernesto Donghi, stated that: ‘The project will be the first project based on ORC technology with a thermal oil loop in Turkey for heat recovery from the cement industry. Our cement customers are trying to reduce operating cost in the sector and electricity is one of the highest cost in OPEX. Cement producers already know the advantages of a heat recovery system: decrease electricity cost in the electricity bill; the increase of competitiveness in international arena, and no additional fuel consumption. The annual energy production will be higher than 30 GWh/year entirely consumed by the cement plant."

In terms of the company's drive for sustainable cement production, around 15,000t of CO2 emissions will be avoided and the technology does not require a water supply as the power plant will use organic fluid.

The new plant is scheduled to start operations in the first part of 2019.

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