Bolivia to prohibit poor-quality cement imports

Bolivia to prohibit poor-quality cement imports
03 January 2019

The Bolivian government will verify the quality of imported cement as of the start of this year and if found to be insufficient, the consignment will not be allowed to enter the country, according to Eugenio Rojas, the country’s minister of Productive Development.

“We now work to prohibit the import of poor-quality cement. The quality is shown by the drying of the product in less than 30 days, but Peruvian cement has a poorer quality, which is why works are cracked. This cannot be allowed to happen and therefore, we are addressing this through a standard,” he explained.

"We are giving a deadline (to the industries) because they have stock to sell in the year and from July we will start the uniform control of cement and good-quality cement will enter the country,” said Mr Rojas.

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