New 3Mta line planned for BUA's Kalambaina Cement

New 3Mta line planned for BUA's Kalambaina Cement
07 January 2019

Nigeria’s BUA Group has signed another contract with CBMI for the construction of a new 3Mta line at Kalambaina Cement in Sokoto State. The announcement comes soon after a merger between Kalambaina Cement and the Cement Company of Northern Nigeria (CCNN) was given approval last month.

Furthermore, the project arrives on the back of the completion of BUA’s 3Mta Obu Cement Line 2 around 90 days ago and the commissioning of its 1.5Mta first line at Kalambaina Cement just seven months ago.

According to a statement made by Abdul Samad Rabiu, CEO of BUA Group and chairman of CCNN, the new plans are part of BUA Cement’s strategic mid-term expansion programme. Mr Rabiu also noted that the Nigerian market was still underserved and the importance of meeting the demand required by the projected growth in infrastructure projects.

"We are very confident that Sinoma CBMI possesses the necessary technical expertise given their track records in deploying cement plants across the world," he said.

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