LafargeHolcim secures EUR100m Grand Paris Express project

LafargeHolcim secures EUR100m Grand Paris Express project
28 February 2019

LafargeHolcim announced the conclusion of a supply contract for the Grand Paris Express project worth EUR110m, where LafargeHolcim will supply 260,000t of cement.

The GPE is the largest transport infrastructure project in Europe and represents a total investment of about EUR38.5bn. The project will meet the growing city’s needs for an improved transport infrastructure and will prepare Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Assuming that this contract is spread evenly over five years, this represents for Ciments Lafarge France an additional annual volume impact of 0.8 per cent (50,000t) on total sales on the French market estimated at 6.5Mt (market share of around 35 per cent), according CM-CIC to Marketing Solutions. LafargeHolcim will deliver 600,000t of aggregates and 260,000t of cement to produce 650,000Mm3 of ready-mix concrete.

These deliveries should be ensured by the Le Havre grinding unit (clinker probably imported from Spain) by using barges on the Seine, says CM-CIC to Marketing Solutions. This solution is more efficient and sustainable than road transportation as two barges can handle the load of 220 trucks.

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