Cemex launches Cemex Go Development Center

Cemex launches Cemex Go Development Center
05 April 2019

Cemex has introduced its Cemex Go Development Center, a digital platform to enable users to connect with different entities in the industry, accelerate their evolution, and promote new business models, while reducing costs and accelerating time for the development of new digital capabilities of each of its customers.

Cemex Go Development Center facilities connectivity of Cemex Processes with its customers through digital platforms and application programming interfaces (APIs), which can directly manage orders for materials or services. It also enables the development of alliances with commercial pages and the use of public information from Cemex to allow other companies to integrate their digital offers.

Customers have real-time access to information about what is happening with their products and services and to carry out administration such as ordering invoices registering new locations for construction projects and requesting quotes, etc.

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