Raysut Cement recycle bulk carrier

Raysut Cement recycle bulk carrier
30 May 2019

The Raysut II bulk cement carrier of Raysut Cement Co of Oman was re-floated and recycled recently, according to shipping industry sources. Resolve Marine Group completed the complicated wreck removal of bulk cement carrier Raysut II and also made arrangements to off load damaged cargo at port of Salalah, Oman.

The vessel was owned by Raybulk Navigation Inc, a subsidiary of Raysut Cement. Reportedly foreign experts were chosen for this project, because of their plan to re-float the vessel in one piece, resulting in limited environmental damage. Raysut Cement announced total loss of its Raysut II cement carrier in the wake of Cyclone Mekunu on 25 -26 May 2018. The carrier was carrying about 6750t of dry powdered cement, when it ran aground at Fazayah beach, 18 nautical miles west of Salalah Port during storm.

Following a failed attempt to re-float during Monsoon season, the vessel was de-fuelled and declared as a CTL (Constructive Total Loss). Resolve Marine Group was awarded the contract in November 2018 for the removal and disposal of the vessel and cargo.

The vessel was successfully delivered on 11 April and subsequently recycled.

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