Colombian cement market expands 7% in May

Colombian cement market expands 7% in May
02 July 2019

Grey cement dispatches in Colombia advanced by 7.2 per cent to 1.055Mt in May 2019 when compared with May 2018, when domestic dispatches were 0.984Mt, according to the country’s statistics office, DANE.

Grey cement production increased by 11.1 per cent YoY to 1.119Mt in May 2019. In May 2018 output reached 1.007Mt.

January-May 2019
In the first five months of 2019 around 4.989Mt of grey cement was supplied to the Colombian market, which expanded by 2.6 per cent when compared with the 5M18, when dispatches reached 4.864Mt.

Cement production was up by 3.5 per cent YoY to 5.143Mt in the January-May 2019 period. In the 5M18 cement output by Colombian producers reached 4.971Mt.

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