Vietnamese market stable, exports slip in June

Vietnamese market stable, exports slip in June
07 August 2019

Vietnamese cement companies sold 7.497Mt of cement in June 2019, down four per cent YoY and 12 per cent MoM, according to the Vietnam National Cement Association (VNCA). Of this total, 5.645Mt were supplied to the domestic market, reflecting a stable market when compared with June in the previous year and a five per cent fall MoM. In addition, 1.851Mt were exported, down 16 per cent YoY and 27 per cent MoM.

VICEM delivered 1.849Mt to Vietnamese customers, edging up by two per cent YoY but declining by eight per cent MoM. Its joint-venture companies supplied an extra 1.518Mt, falling by five and seven per cent YoY and MoM, respectively. Other Vietnamese producers sold 2.28Mt, showing a YoY advance of three per cent and level with the previous month.

Of the export total, clinker accounted for 1.058Mt, or 57 per cent, while cement exports reached 0.793Mt. Therefore, clinker exports fell by 19 per cent YoY and 23 per cent MoM, while cement exports saw a drop of 13 per cent YoY and of 33 per cent MoM.

First half 2019
In the January-June period, Vietnamese producers sold 31.539Mt of cement, up one per cent, to the domestic market while exports slipped by one per cent to 15.674Mt, resulting in total sales of around 47.692Mt, minus two per cent YoY.

VICEM saw domestic sales increase by three per cent YoY to 10.858Mt while for its joint-venture companies sales slipped by three per cent to 8.74Mt. Other Vietnamese producers booked gains of four per cent as their sales reached 11.941Mt.

Cement exports jumped 50 per cent YoY to 6.155Mt in the first six months of 2019, but clinker exports fell by 19 per cent YoY to 9.519Mt.

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