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Azerbaijani exports up 14% in 2023

29 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement and clinker exports from Azerbaijan to Georgia advanced by 13.9 per cent YoY to 814,803t in 2023. The value of the exports increased by 34.4 per cent YoY to US$46.562m. There are four cement producers in Azerbaijan: Norm Cement with its 2.1Mta Qizildas plant in Garadagh, Holcim (Azerbaijan) OJSC with its 1.7Mta Qaradag works in Baku, Gazakh Cement Plant LLC’s 1.5Mta unit in Gazakh , and Gemikaya Azerbaijan with the 0.26Mta Araz facility in Nakhchivan.

Iranian cement consumption up 30% in January

29 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Iran’s cement market expanded 30.4 per cent YoY to 5.27Mt in January 2024 from 4.04Mt in January 2023, according to the Iranian cement association. Domestic cement producers manufactured 5.78Mt of cement and 6.21Mt of clinker in the first month of 2024, representing an increase of 33.2 and 31.8 per cent, respectively, when compared with January 2023. A total of 1.18Mt of cement and clinker was exported in January 2024 with cement exports advancing 63 per cent YoY to 0.44Mt but clinker ex...

Vietnamese cement market expands 50% in January

28 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement sales in Vietnam increased 50 per cent YoY but fell 22 per cent MoM to 4,109,509t in January 2024, reports the Vietnam National Cement Association (VNCA). Of this total VICEM sold 1,179,667t, up 35 per cent YoY, while other VNCA-affiliated companies reported a total volume of 799,842t, up 51 per cent YoY. Non-VNCA members increased their sales by 60 per cent YoY to 2.13Mt. Total exports increased by 70 per cent YoY to 3,214,354t in January 2024. Clinker exports increased by 155 per ...

Spain’s cement demand drops 4% in January

21 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement consumption in Spain declined by 3.6 per cent to 1,029,258t in January 2024, according to the Spanish cement association, Oficemen. Furthermore, in January 2024 exports fell by 20.5 per cent, resulting in the seventh-consecutive month of decline. A total of 346,436t was exported, 89,076t less than in January 2023. “The future of our industry faces multiple challenges, which is why it is vitally important to establish synergies with all the actors involved. Along these lines, we hav...

Pakistan’s cement industry exports exhibit mixed trends

21 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Pakistan’s cement industry has registered significant growth in the first seven months of FY23-24 (July 2023-January 2024) due to the continued good exchange rate of the Pakistani rupee against foreign currency and other factors. AKD Research believes that the recent decline in international coal prices, dropping to US$92/t following reduced winter demand from Europe, presents a favourable development for the cement industry for local and exports. Pakistan’s cement and clinker exports inc...

Peruvian market expands 9% in January

19 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement dispatches in Peru increased nine per cent to 1.016Mt in January 2024 when compared with 0.928Mt in January 2023, according to the Peruvian cement association, ASOCEM. Of this total, 0.938Mt was supplied by ASOCEM members. Cement production slipped one per cent YoY to 0.924Mt in January 2024 from 0.931Mt. Clinker production was down 12 per cent YoY to 0.857Mt in January from 0.969Mt. Cement exports fell by 31 per cent YoY to 10,000t in January 2024 from 15,000t while clinker expor...

Saudi cement exports down 18% YoY in January

15 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Saudi Arabia reported a 17.8 per cent YoY decline in its cement exports in January 2024 with volumes falling from 638,000t in January 2023 to 524,000t in the same period a year later. According to Aljazira Capital, domestic sales in January this year came in at 4.48Mt, compared to 4.28Mt in the same period a year earlier, marking a 4.7 per cent improvement.  The Saudi cement sector’s total utilisation rate stood at 63.8 per cent in January 2024, reports Zawya. Meanwhile, clinker inventori...

Argentina's cement consumption declines 20% in January

12 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement demand in Argentina saw a 19.9 per cent drop to 767,297t in January 2024 when compared with 958,230t in January 2023, according to the country's cement association, AFCP. Argentinian demand was entirely met by domestic production, which saw a 20 per cent decline to 772,874t in January 2024 from 965,633t in January 2023. Local producers also exported 6036t of cement, an 18.5 per cent decrease from 7404t in January 2023.

Brazilian cement sales start 2024 with a 2% drop

09 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement sales in the Brazilian market saw 2.1 per cent YoY drop to 4.766Mt in January 2024 when compared with 4.868Mt in January 2023, according to SNIC, the country's cement association. Exports were down 65.2 per cent YoY to 8000t from 23,000t in January 2023. The drop in domestic sales suggests that weak performance in 2023 is expected to persist in 2024. High interest rates and debt have impacted household spending, alongside a drop in income and purchasing power. The construction mark...

Cement dispatches exhibit mixed trend during January 2024

07 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Pakistan's total cement dispatches declined by 14.8 per cent in January 2024 to 3.414Mt against 4.006Mt in January 2023. Out of this total, local cement deliveries decreased by 17.3 per cent to 2.967Mt compared to 3.588Mt in January 2023. However, exports increased by 6.8 per cent as the volumes increased from 418,067t in January 2023 to 446,595t in January 2024. A spokesman of the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) informed the government about the serious implications...