Illinois Cement prepares to expand quarry operations

Illinois Cement prepares to expand quarry operations
02 October 2019

Illinois Cement (Eagle Materials Inc) will soon start work on a new road to bypass an area a quarter of a mile west of its current quarry location on East Third Road in La Salle, USA, where it intends to start blasting a new quarry.

After five public meetings in a month at the end of last year, Illinois Cement was granted its requests by the city of La Salle for annexation, special use permits, zoning and road plans to mine new land in Dimmick Township. Illinois Cement's existing quarry lies along the east side of East Third Road. Before it can start mining west of there, it will build a temporary 1.4-mile asphalt bypass about a quarter-mile west of East Third Road.

Once this temporary road is finished, Illinois Cement can begin mining land west of the quarry, including ground underneath East Third Road. Once it finishes mining this area, estimated to take up to 10 years, the original East Third Road would be rebuilt and the temporary bypass will be closed as mining continues west and north on property owned by Illinois Cement.

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