Domicem surpasses 1Mt output mark

Domicem surpasses 1Mt output mark
09 December 2019

Domicem, based in the Dominican Republic, has set a new production record. The company surpassed the 1Mt mark for the first time in its history.

Adriano Brunetti, Domicem’s managing director said it was “a record consumed volume, which shows shows the growth and development of the country leading it from being a born importer of cement to a self-sufficient producer with export of 20 per cent of its production. ”

He added that total industry sales in the country are expected to reach 5Mt this year, of which Domicem will produce just over 1Mt.

Mr Brunetti also highlighted the efforts the company is making to produce cement in a sustainable way. “We are the first cement company to install a photovoltaic energy park to increase the use of clean energy, in addition to that acquired in the Los Cocos wind farm. We also take advantage of the available technology to eliminate waste, turning them into energy sources, thus expanding the spectrum of environmental protection,” he said.

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