Refratechnik Group acquires QMAG

Refratechnik Group acquires QMAG
17 January 2020

The Refratechnik Group has entered into a share purchase agreement to acquire 100 per cent of QMAG Ltd, an Australian magnesia producer.

QMAG (Queensland Magnesia) is a fully-integrated producer of high-quality magnesia products with mining and production in the state of Queensland, Australia, servicing global markets with a combined production capacity greater than 300,000Mta of high-grade electro-fused (FM), dead-burned (DBM), and caustic-calcined (CCM) magnesium oxide products.

By the agreed purchase contract, QMAG will add vertical supply-chain integration in addition to existing partnerships and strengthen Refratechnik’s position as a global industrial mineral producer, adding to Baymag’s world class magnesia operations in Alberta, Canada and Refratechnik’s recent start-up of magnesia operations by Haicheng Guozheng Mining in Haicheng, China.

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