Cemex completes Castillejo access work

Cemex completes Castillejo access work
30 March 2020

Cemex has finalised the upgrade work on the access roads to the Huerta de Valdecarábanos quarry and the crushing area of its Castillejo plant in Toledo.

The company placed some 450m3 of rolled compacted concrete (RCC) to prevent dust and mud emission as well as improving access for vehicles. RCC can be installed using the usual asphalt equipment and does not require special equipment. The concrete is made in mixing plants with very low water-cement ratios.

The Castillejo plant expects to benefit from RCC's high rigidity and mechanical resistance mean that it hardly deforms under heavy traffic loads or heavy vehicles, allowing it to achieve a longer service life when compared other types of solutions. In addition, the RCC enables faster opening to traffic than conventional concrete pavements.

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