Cemex has decarbonisation roadmap validated by Carbon Trust

Cemex has decarbonisation roadmap validated by Carbon Trust
30 September 2020

Cemex announces that the Carbon Trust has validated its roadmap to decarbonise global operations in line with the Sectoral Decarbonisation Approach (SDA) 2-degree scenario (2DS) developed by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The validated roadmap would enable the company to achieve a 35 per cent reduction of net carbon emissions by 2030.  

The validation scope included Cemex’s worldwide cement operations, with a detailed analysis of plants expected to contribute at least 80 per cent of the direct and indirect organisational CO2 emission reductions needed to achieve the 2030 target. The Carbon Trust assessed the technical feasibility of key technology and decarbonisation levers based on guidelines defined by international institutions such as the International Energy Agency, the Cement Sustainability Initiative and the European Climate Research Alliance.  

The CO2 reduction levers included alternative fuels, decarbonated raw materials, renewable power projects and novel cements, among others. The validation also included a thorough review of Cemex's commitment to implement these levers based on governance mechanisms and business planning.

The analysis concluded that all the technologies considered are sufficiently mature and market ready. The right business planning is in place to achieve the results within the required time frame. The estimated CO2 emissions reductions from planned initiatives were found to be realistic, considering plant-specific characteristics and local market conditions. 

"The Carbon Trust validation confirms that Cemex has a robust climate change strategy, the appropriate corporate governance and planning mechanisms for the implementation of a pathway to reduce our CO2 emissions in line with the 2-degree scenario," said Vicente Saiso, Cemex's Director of Sustainability.

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