CeMAP seeks probe into Philcement product origin

CeMAP seeks probe into Philcement product origin
05 October 2020

The Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (CeMAP) confirms reports from 28 January, 2020, it brought to the attention of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) a possible case of non-compliance regarding Union V Super Strength 40, a cement brand of Philcement Corp.

"This concern is in line with our commitment to work with all stakeholders in promoting consumer welfare and protection as part of our advocacy and for the safety and overall benefit of Filipino cement consumers," said CeMAP in a statement.

CeMAP is urging a thorough investigation by concerned government agencies to verify if Philcement's Union V Super Strength 40 is indeed manufactured in the Philippines as indicated by the labels on the company's cement bags. "It is, however, publicly known that Philcement Corporation is one of the companies engaged in cement importation," added CeMAP in its statement. 

CeMAP further pointed out that the PS License Number was absent on the bags and that the necessary Batch Identification Numbers and Manufacturing Dates – labels required by the Philippine National Standard (PNS) through DAO 17-06 – were not immediately appreciable by consumers.

"CeMAP strongly advocates the provision of accurate information to the public to facilitate sound choice and the proper exercise of consumer rights. To enable faster economic recovery, the government is promoting use of locally manufactured products to preserve jobs and make the most of the multiplier effect and contribution of domestic manufacturing activities to the Philippine economy. It is therefore imperative that products sold in the market, like cement, are appropriately labelled and represented as such," added CeMAP.

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