JK Lakshmi Cement invests in IoT and automation

JK Lakshmi Cement invests in IoT and automation
15 January 2021

JK Laksmi Cement (JKLC) has recently invested in IoT and automation. The company applying IoT for key operations such as managing fleet, supply chain, and even for water conservation. It is also looking to automate its logistics operations and supply with the help of a machine learning-based platform.

"We have been using AI engines for optimising manufacturing operations at our cement production plants across the country. This year we are committed to successfully piloting an automation project around identification and volumetric analysis of materials and stockpiles," Dr Shailendra Chouksey, whole-time director of JKLC, told ETCIO.

"In 2021, we will be achieving an enhanced version of predictive analytics. We are also very close to acquiring advanced data science platforms to enhance our capability in utilising Machine Learning Artificial intelligence, and Deep Learning. These technologies will further help us gain better insights and visibility into our operations, competitive advantage and market frequency as well," Dr Chouksey emphasised.

"This data science platform will surely take the accuracy and efficiency of our data models to the next level," Dr Chouksey added.

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