Lehigh Hanson's US$600m expansion project resumes

Lehigh Hanson's US$600m expansion project resumes
08 February 2021

Lehigh Cement Company completed construction of a concrete slipform silo as part of resuming its US$600m expasnion project at the Mitchell plant in Texas, USA.

Lehigh broke ground on the project in October of 2019 and began preparing the site for the large project. However, COVID-19 delayed the company’s progress with the project. Now the project has resumed with the construction of the 160ft  concrete slipform silo.

Tracy Crowther, plant manager Lehigh Mitchell plant, explains the project. "Currently we are receiving parts, and over this summer that will continue to get busier," stated Ms Crowther. "Much of the equipment will come in through a port near Louisville and will be hauled by truck up here. There will be some large equipment that will be moved in,” she added. "We appreciate everyone’s patience as there may be some delays around here."

The new plant will add around 50 jobs once the new plant becomes operational in 2023.

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