Lebanon to allow cement imports by individuals

Lebanon to allow cement imports by individuals
22 February 2021

Lebanon’s outgoing Minister of Industry, Imad Hoballah, indicated that the country would allow individuals to import cement to lower the price of cement. Cement prices have risen from LBP240,000/t (US$159.20/t) to LBP1.3m/t following the total closure of the country, including its cement plants, between 14 January-7 February.

Imported cement must meet specific technical criteria and be cheaper than LBP240,000/t. However, no decisions have been made in terms of volumes as the ministry wants market rules to apply.

The step would challenge the current oligopoly of Holcim-Liban, Ciment de Sibline and Cimenterie Nationale, reports L’Orient-Le Jour. In a statement, the three cement companies have said that they respect the set prices and undertake to deliver directly to customers, who as a result do no need to go through intermediaries.

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