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Tycoon's plans for Lebanese 3Mt cement plant back on

03 July 2019, Published under Cement News

Pierre Fattouche, a businessman with interestes in Armenia and South Sudan, wants to build a 3Mta cement plant in Lebanon to export cement to Syria. The proposed site is in Ain Dara where a group of activists have been trying to block plans for the plant over concerns of underground water reserves and air pollution. The permit for the cement plant was awarded in 2015, but political tensions over the plant have delayed any construction. Ain Dara is located in a Druze majority region and the ...

Bringing an old quarry to life

25 June 2019, Published under Cement News

Quarry rehabilitation comprises more than just the planting of different varieties of trees on land no longer used. Cimenterie Nationale’s rehabilitation project in Lebanon also includes the country’s first green belt buffer area, natural windbreakers, stormwater management, hydroseeding and beehives. By Ahmed Hoteit, Cimenterie Nationale, Lebanon. Cimenterie Nationale, Lebanon, has rehabilitated an area of 283,598m 2 of the quarry at its Chekka plant following its extraction phas...

Licence for cement plant project revoked in Lebanon

01 April 2019, Published under Cement News

Lebanon’s Industry Minister, Wael Abu Faour, has revoked the licence of a cement plant planned for Ain Dara, Aley district. The decision comes after a protest by local residents last month, who disputed the project for environmental reasons. In response to the protest, Pierre Fattoush, project owner, had said that Al Arz Cement Co had been issued the licence in compliance with the law and that the plant would be within the legal environmental provisions. Mr Abu Faour’s decision arrives a...

Lebanon: Chekka inaugurates new bag filter

26 June 2017, Published under Cement News

Cimenterie Nationale has inaugurated the new bag filter at its Chekka plant. The new filter will reduce SOx and NOx emissions to 15mg/m3, well below the international norm of 50mg/m3. At the ceremony, which was attended by more than 200 distinguished guests, Cimenterie Nationale’s CEO, Pierre Doumet, said the new filter was testimony to “a permanent modernisation” of the works, a plan started two-and-a-half years ago by the company. However, the US$200m project is still awaiting the r...

Lebanon: Ain Dara plant project attacked by gunmen

14 March 2017, Published under Cement News

Gunmen opened gunfire at a cement factory in the Mount Lebanon town of Ain Dara after the town's residents refused the establishment of factories in the area over health issues, the National News Agency reported on Monday. NNA said the assailants, who were not identified, opened gunfire at an under construction cement factory that belongs to the Fattouch family in Ain Dara in the outskirts of Dahr al-Baydar. Pierre Fattoush, a brother of MP Nicolas Fattoush, wants to establish a huge p...

Lebanon: beyond tomorrow

02 November 2016, Published under Cement News

With falling domestic consumption and foreign direct investment offering limited demand at home and the Syrian war disrupting regional export routes, Lebanon’s cement producers are cutting costs and reducing output. However, the long-term scenario offers improved opportunities both within and beyond the country’s borders. By Riwa Daou, Blominvest Bank, Lebanon. As local demand weakens and foreign direct investment falls, Lebanon's cement producers look to the medium- to long term f...

Lebanon cement deliveries rose by 19.6% in 1Q16

05 July 2016, Published under Cement News

Figures released by the Central Bank of Lebanon show that cement deliveries rose by a yearly 19.6 per cent in the first four months of 2016. Cement deliveries actually reached circa 1,575,308t in the first four months of 2016, up from 1,317,325t in the corresponding period of 2015. It is worth recalling that cement deliveries reached 5,042,873t in 2015, down from 5,516,827t in 2014.

Holcim Liban posts steep fall in 1H profit

08 September 2015, Published under Cement News

Cement producer Holcim Liban posted an unaudited net profit of US$2m in the first half of 2015, down 78.3 per cent from net earnings of US$9.4m in the same period of 2014. The firm’s sales totaled US$66.7m in the first half, a decline of 28.5 per cent from US$93.2m in the same period of 2014. Gross profit margin reached 28 per cent in the first half of 2015 relative to 30.7 per cent in the same period of 2014. Holcim’s assets totaled US$275.1m at the end of June 2015, representing a decr...

Secil 1Q15 boosted by Angola operations

02 June 2015, Published under Cement News

Semapa, the Portuguese holding company that controls Secil, said turnover in its Cement and Derivatives Business unit for the first quarter of 2015 increased by 2.4 per cent YoY to EUR99.9m. The growth is mostly attributed to the performance of the ready-mix business unit in Portugal and Angola operations. EBITDA during the three month period rose by four per cent to EUR17.1m. Operating income was down by 25 per cent to EUR4.7m due to the increase in depreciation. Consolidated net income ...

Proposed Lebanon plant to be relocated

02 April 2015, Published under Cement News

A cement factory that was set to be built in Zahle, Lebanon, will be relocated to another area, according to reports by the Daily Star (Lebanon). The planned cement factory, which has been met with widespread opposition for Zahle residents and officials over health and environmental concerns, will now be relocated after an agreement was reached with the head of the project, Pierre Fattouch, Archbishop of the Greek Catholic diocese of Zahle and Forzol Issam Darwish announced in a news co...