PT Semen Padang announces export volumes

PT Semen Padang announces export volumes
08 March 2021

Indonesia’s PT Semen Padang has announced its export volumes of cement and clinker in January and February 2021. The deliveries were made to the Maldives, Australia and Bangladesh.

"From early January to mid-February 2021, the Semen Indonesia Group, through PT Semen Padang, has exported 333,532,391t of cement and clinker," said Rahman Kurniawan, sales manager.

Cement and clinker exports have continued to increase, because shipments are still ongoing, he added.

The company exported around 15,000t of OPC 52.5 N to Australia and around 21,924,180t of OPC 42.5 N to the Maldives. Elsewhere, more than 296,608,211t of Type I clinker was exported to Bangladesh.

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