Construction sector reports Jamaican cement shortage

Construction sector reports Jamaican cement shortage
17 May 2021

Members of the construction industry in Jamaica are reporting a cement supply shortage, as the country reaches its peak demand season.

According to the Jamaica Observer, a hardware dealer on the south coast noted that it may have to cut staff if the shortage continues, adding that there has also been a hike in the price of construction materials.

"What has been happening over the past two weeks is there has been unprecedented demand for cement, but we have been supplying the market. And, we are aware of this peak and this demand and we are moving to supplement it, and within two weeks there will be no hiccups. So, it is not there is any shortage or anything. We are not having any issues," said Chad Bryan, communication and social impact coordinator at Caribbean Cement Co, the country’s only producer, in a statement to the Jamaica Observer.

"We have increased the production...there has been a continuous increase in production. There has been some peaks and we might have a little hiccup in getting it out to everybody. Logistic restrictions might hamper, but by and large there is no problem."

Members of the construction sector have called for the government to increase the quota of Buying House Cement Ltd, a cement importer based in Montego Bay, to supplement demand.

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