Fortescue Metals Group to diversify into green cement

Fortescue Metals Group to diversify into green cement
07 July 2021

Australia-based iron ore mining specialist Fortescue Metals Group says it has produced both green iron and green cement in trials that are part of the company's plans to become a major player in the green energy sector.

One of the trial decarbonisation projects being run by Fortescue Future Industries's (FFI) has produced high-purity green iron from Fortescue iron ore, and waste from the green iron process has been combined with other materials to make green cement.

FFI CEO, Julie Shuttleworth, said: "We set out to test the hypothesis that there was sufficient 100 per cent renewable green energy, hydrogen, ammonia and industrial manufacturing potential, for products such as green cement, green fertiliser, green iron and steel, to fully satisfy the world’s needs," she said.

Ms Shuttleworth said the decarbonisation project team had achieved 'immense' results.

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