Newberry plant sets two new records

Newberry plant sets two new records
12 July 2021

Argos has announced that in June 2021 its Newberry plant in Florida, USA, smashed two previous records. It produced 140,421t, beating the previous record set in June 2019 (127,800t) by nearly 20,000t.

Because of this increase in production, the plant was also able to ship 128,728t of product to customers and its ready-mix plants, beating the previous record of 120,900t, set in 2019, by more than 7000t.

"Everyone at the Newberry plant is excited and proud to see these records being set. With the current sales climate, we are able to show the untapped potential Newberry has. This sustained sales commitment would not be possible if it wasn’t for all the hard work and dedication of everyone at the plant as well as from Argos plant support staff and Argos Corporate. But with the new record set, we strive to set new records going forward," affirmed Daniel Ball, production manager at the Newberry cement plant. 

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