Insee Cement steps up raw material unloading

Insee Cement steps up raw material unloading
27 July 2021

The Hambantota International Port (HIP) recorded its highest discharge levels of bulk cargo recently, when a shipment of gypsum consigned to Insee Cement was unloaded at a rate of 24,000tpd by port operations.

Thusith Gunawarnasuriya, director procurement and logistics of Insee Cement, says this was an extraordinary achievement for a Sri Lankan port in terms of speed and efficiency.

"As the No 1 cement manufacturing company in Sri Lanka, we import raw materials in large vessels. But once these vessels arrive in the country, it is up to port operations, in this case HIPG and HIPS, to discharge the vessels quickly," said Mr Gunawarnasuriya. "Quicker the cargo is discharged, the more benefit not only to us but also the country because for each day the vessel remains in port we pay vast amounts in detention and demurrage — something to the tune of US$75,000. Therefore, when we are able to discharge two-and-a-half days earlier like we did this time, the cost saving is significant. Yes, it is an advantage for our company, but it is also a considerable saving in foreign exchange for the country."

Mr Gunawarnasuriya says the handling speed at HIP has increased 100 per cent from just about a year ago, when the port could discharge only around 12,000tpd. He says the almost doubled productivity coupled with excellent service levels is nothing short of remarkable.

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