Bamburi Cement Ltd changes to Bamburi Cement PLC

Bamburi Cement Ltd changes to Bamburi Cement PLC
03 August 2021

Kenya-based Bamburi Cement Ltd has changed its name to Bamburi Cement PLC in compliance with the Companies Act 2015 following shareholders’ approval on 10 June 2021.

The name change follows registration of the new name in line with provisions of the Section 53 of the Companies Act 2015, that requires companies that are both a limited company and a public company to be registered with a name that ends with 'public limited company' or the abbreviation 'plc'.

'The change of name applies only to the Bamburi Cement group company name with all market brands remaining unchanged. All contractual relationships and obligations that the company has with its customers, partners and other stakeholders are not affected by this change of name,' said Waeni Ngea, company secretary.

The name changes is effective from 26 July 2021.

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