Mannok doubles cement bagging capacity

Mannok doubles cement bagging capacity
02 September 2021

Mannok, based in Derrylin, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, has invested EUR2.1m in its cement bagging facilities to double the company’s production capacity.

Germany-based Haver & Boecker were awarded the contract to design and manufacture a new 10-spout Roto-Packer Adams bag filling system and a new automatic film reel changer. The new equipment has the capacity to pack 1200 bags per hour. As a result, Mannok will have the capacity to pack around 50tph in weatherproof bags, in addition to a similar packing capacity for paper bags.

Joining the company’s Irish sales team on a plant visit to see the new technology in action, Mannok’s CEO, Liam McCaffrey, commented: "This is a major investment in our cement operations which completes the second phase of our investment in our weatherproof bagging line, upgrading it from a single to a double bagging line with a significant increase in output capacity.

"Our initial investment to bring our weatherproof PE bags to the market was in response to demand from GB-based merchants, and we later introduced the bags to the Irish market, where the response was equally positive."

The step is part of a programme to extend its reach on both sites of the Irish Sea.

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