Cemex France renews biodiversity agreement with LPO

Cemex France renews biodiversity agreement with LPO
28 October 2021

Michel André, director of materials activities at Cemex Western Europe, and Allain Bougrain Dubourg, president of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), have renewed their partnership agreement for the period 2021-23. 

This collaboration between a major player in the construction materials industry and one of the most important naturalist associations in France allows the two partners to pool their skills for the benefit of Cemex’s best contribution to preserve biodiversity on its business sites and enables patronage in favour of natural heritage preservation programmes led by the LPO. 

The new period will see continuation of the “Shore swallows” action plan. Initiated in 2013, it aims to reconcile the exploitation of quarries and the reception of bank swallows, a protected species often finding alternative habitats within quarries. 

Financial support from the Life Vision programme for the protection of the European mink is part of the sponsorship section of the convention. It aims to maintain or even increase the population of European minks in the Charente basin. Cemex also supports the LPO's programme for the house sparrow in Paris. 

Beyond these flagship actions, Cemex’s regular exchanges with the LPO for requests for advice and expertise on various projects, the performance of studies according to the needs and issues identified at Cemex sites are also an integral part of the convention.  Cemex and the LPO have been partners since 2003. 

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