Argos to collect 5000 waste tyres per month in Honduras

Argos to collect 5000 waste tyres per month in Honduras
24 November 2021

Colombia’s Argos will collect around 5000 waste tyres per month in Choluteca, Honduras, and transport them to Comayagua for disposal at its Piedras Azules cement plant.

Cementos Argos is working with Fundesur and Fundación HERCO to successfully launch the Responsible Management of Waste Tyres programme in Choluteca. The three organisations expect to remove more than 60,000 tyres in the first year of the programme, which has the support of MiAmbiente, the Secretary of Health and the Municipal Mayor of the town.

A vehicle with the programme’s logo will carry out periodic collection of scrap tyres from businesses that voluntarily participate in the programme. The tyres collected during the implementation of the programme will be temporarily stored at the MiAmbiente regional office in the Piedras Azules neighbourhood, in Comayagua. Additionally, citizens who, independently and voluntarily, want to join the initiative, will be able to deliver waste tyres at this same centre, which will be open Monday through Friday from 14-16h. From the collection site, the tyres will be transferred to the Piedras Azules cement plant.

In recent years, Argos has removed more than 1m tyres through co-processing in its cement kilns.

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