Holcim launches new concrete product

Holcim launches new concrete product
26 November 2021

Holcim has launched a new high-performance concrete, DYNAMax, which is expected to deliver high strength, durability and rigidity alongside design freedom and sustainability, according to a press release.

It will be launched in close to ten markets across Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia Pacific in 2022.

Jan Jenisch, CEO Holcim, said: “I’m excited by the launch of our DYNAMax high-performance concrete, advancing our global range of innovative and sustainable building solutions. With today’s population and urbanisation trends, DYNAMax is an ideal material to build smarter cities. It offers high performance to build more with less with no compromise on aesthetics and functionality.”

With optimal material use, it allows more usable space and greater variability in floor plans, while its durability minimises the maintenance and lifecycle costs of a building. Its sustainable footprint is driven by reduced material use, local production and short transport routes, as well as its circular and recyclable profile.

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