Dugongo cement prices see further rise

Dugongo cement prices see further rise
28 January 2022

The price of Dugongo cement in Mozambique has increased yet again, reports Club of Mozambique. 
As of 24 January 2022, a 50kg bag of 32.5 cement now costs MZN360 (US$5.64). A bag of 42.5 cement now costs MZN340.

Since the opening of Dugongo Cimentos in May 2020, the price of its cement has increased three times although the price of cement at many other producers has fallen. In September 2021 Dugongo cement raised the price of 32.5 cement from MZN230 to MZN255 while 42.5 cement increased MZN250 to MZN275. On 25 October the price of a bag of 32.5 cement increased a further MZN70 to MZN325. The price of a bag of 42.5 cement went up by MZN65 to MZN340.

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