Caribbean Cement to launch Vertua-certified cement

Caribbean Cement to launch Vertua-certified cement
07 February 2022

Cemex-owned Caribbean Cement Co will be launching its newly co-branded Vertua-certified cement to support the reduction in carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 2030.

“Vertua is a brand that CEMEX worldwide has selected to put on all the low-carbon cement — it's an umbrella, it's a branding. We have a product that has already qualified as Vertua. Every bag you see out there that carries Carib Cement or Carib Cement plus is a low-carbon product,” said the company’s Managing Director, Yago Castro.

The production of Vertua-certified cement at Caribbean Cement Co began last year and will enable the cement manufacturer to increase its production by five per cent. The cement producer presently supplies the Jamaican market with over 1Mt of cement and is aiming to increase its production capacity by 30 per cent by 2023. To date 348,000t of Vertua-certified cement has been produced, reducing the company’s CO2 emissions by 43,000t.

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