Plycem invests US$3m in microconcrete sheet production

Plycem invests US$3m in microconcrete sheet production
04 April 2022

Plycem (Elementia Group) has announced the investment of US$3m in its manufacturing plant located in Cartago. With this, it seeks the automation of a new production line for ‘microconcrete’ sheets in Costa Rica.

Microconcrete consists of a sheet with a lower technical specification than the fibre cement sheets that the company already produces. It is a 12mm thick product, made with Portland cement, expanded polystyrene or stereophonic beads, and reinforcing mesh. In the country, self-construction of external walls is used, which do not require a greater technical requirement.

"After several years of research, we identified that with the portfolio of high specification fibre cement products sold by Plycem, we did not reach a segment of the population. Which, on the contrary, requires a sheet with different attributes," explained Ronald Thámez, Plycem's planning and marketing manager.

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