Argos announces its new EcoStrong PLC brand

Argos announces its new EcoStrong PLC brand
28 April 2022

Argos is announcing its new EcoStrong PLC brand. EcoStrong PLC is a high-quality blended hydraulic cement used in sustainable building practices that can reduce carbon emissions by up to 10 per cent. EcoStrong PLC exhibits Argos’ passion for developing strong solutions to build a more sustainable world together. 

"I am excited to be part of Argos’ brand announcement for our Portland-Limestone Cement (PLC) Type IL product. EcoStrong PLC encompasses everything we have worked for over the last decade to offer a high-quality product with lower embodied carbon, which contributes to the ultimate goal of decarbonising across our operations. Our Portland-Limestone Cement product is engineered to reduce the harmful effects on the environment and perform similar to or better than our original Portland Cement type l/ll (OPC). EcoStrong PLC empowers our customers, specifiers, architects, and engineers to design and execute their projects with resilience and sustainability, " Steve Wilcox, cement technical director of Argos USA. 

Moreover, Argos is excited to announce its continued success with its plans to convert all production facilities and terminals to PLC Type IL within 2023. The Newberry plant, located in Florida, will be 100 per cent converted to EcoStrong PLC by October 2022.

Argos' ready-mix business is already successfully using EcoStrong PLC in the Carolinas and Florida. Moreover, Argos plans to use EcoStrong PLC at all its ready mix locations in the eastern US before the end of the 2Q22.

This strategy is the direct result of years of research and development, and accelerates the impact of reducing carbon emissions as well as increases the company’s contributions to sustainability efforts. 

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