EcoMaterials Technologies secures fly ash deal

EcoMaterials Technologies secures fly ash deal
01 July 2022

EcoMaterials Technologies has announced an agreement with Georgia Power to harvest millions of tonnes of landfilled ash from plant Bowen, one of the largest coal-fired power plants in North America.

Under the agreement, Eco Material will harvest approximately 600,000t of landfilled ash per year from the plant in Cartersville, Georgia, USA. The effort will remove and beneficially use more than 9Mt. There is also the potential to expand operations to a second location and double annual production to over 1Mt.

The ash from Plant Bowen will be used in concrete blends to repair and construct bridges, roads, and buildings in Georgia as well as throughout the southeast.

“As the largest partnership of its kind in the US, this project will not only use material from landfills and ash ponds, but also keep millions of tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere,” said Grant Quasha, CEO of Eco Material Technologies. “The harvested material will be used in concrete to make stronger and longer lasting bridges and roads and serve as a model for helping forward thinking utilities like Georgia Power and Southern Company close landfills and ash ponds, while building a greener and more sustainable planet.”

The material Eco Material is harvesting from Plant Bowen has been proven to enhance the strength, impermeability and durability of concrete. The material will replace approximately 20 per cent of carbon-intensive Portland cement in concrete mixes. 

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