Argos launches Super UHPC

Argos launches Super UHPC
12 July 2022

Argos (Argos group) has launched an innovative and highly-specialised product called Super UHPC. This ultra-high performance concrete is already being used to rehabilitate two bridges over one of the most important roads in the state of Florida in the USA. 

This product is composed of specially-selected cementitious materials and fibres that give it outstanding mechanical and durable properties, making it an excellent alternative for building new bridges, roads and facades, as well as for the repair and rehabilitation of existing structures.

"This is a solution we are supremely proud of and even more so because we know it is already being used in bridge maintenance in Florida. We originally developed it in Colombia and then powerfully adapted and brought it to the US market. We are confident that our Super UHPC is going to help in the rehabilitation of thousands of deteriorated bridges and roads, as well as in the construction of new and more durable infrastructure." said Juan Esteban Calle, president of Cementos Argos.

One particularity of this product is that it is marketed in kits, which include the bags of dry mix, the additive and the fibres. Users obtain a material with unique characteristics by correctly mixing these components through a simple process.

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