Glenn Falls staff to be released in April 2023

Glenn Falls staff to be released in April 2023
21 December 2022

Lehigh Hanson Cement has announced that staff lay-offs at its Glens Falls cement plant in Indiana, USA, will begin in April 2023. Around 85 employees are due to be laid off. 

In a regulatory filing with the state Department of Labor, the plant's Texas owners, Lehigh Hanson, said lay-offs would take place in the two weeks between April 3 and 17 of next year, although some employees would be kept on as the plant is shut down in phases. The entire process would be completed by the end of 2023.

Lehigh Hanson announced last month that it would be closing the plant, which has operated in Glens Falls since 1893. The company owns 800 acres in Warren and Saratoga counties, with a quarry in Moreau.

Production at the Glens Falls plant is being replaced by a new kiln line at the Mitchell plant in Indiana, which will have an advanced carbon capture system (CCS) that is being paid for in part with a US$3.7m grant from the US Department of Energy. The new plant is replacing an existing cement plant at the same location and will have triple the production capacity while significantly reducing energy use.

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