CEMEX Philippines signs biosolids partnership

CEMEX Philippines signs biosolids partnership
08 February 2023

CEMEX Philippines and Manila Water Co recently signed a partnership allowing the use of biosolids as alternative fuels, a first in the Philippines and a major accomplishment in helping address climate change in alignment with the Philippine government’s policy. 

Biosolids are organic materials coming from a sewage treatment process. Wastewater undergoes full treatment and clean water is discharged to rivers, and byproducts such as biosolids can be turned into useful resource, such as alternative fuels. Use of biosolids as alternative fuels is an important step to sustainability and developing climate-friendly energy solutions that help address climate change. 

“An initial 10t of dried biosolids has been delivered from our Makati South Sewage Treatment plant to the CEMEX Antipolo plant, which we hope to scale up very soon,” said Donna Cabalona-Perez, Manila Water’s head of wastewater operations. 

 “As pioneers in the country of  biosolids as alternative fuels, we have just signed what will now create the series of significant steps towards making circular economy a reality,” said  Christer Gaudiano, CEMEX Philippines’ sustainability and public affairs director. 

“This partnership is a significant step in making sure we maximise every opportunity to increase the use of alternative fuels, ensuring we are forerunners of circular economy and innovation,” said Luis Franco, CEMEX Philippines president CEO. 

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