Holcim Philippines reiterates commitment to decarbonisation

Holcim Philippines reiterates commitment to decarbonisation
02 March 2023

Holcim Philippines, Inc has reiterated its readiness to support partners in decarbonising construction and putting up affordable homes and called for cooperation to accelerate the shift towards more sustainable practices.

Holcim Philippines’ president and CEO, Horia Adrian, emphasised the important role of the construction industry in reducing the country’s carbon emissions. He noted that building materials account for 30 per cent of the carbon footprint of structures so it is necessary for the industry to steadily shift towards alternatives that are better for the climate.

According to Mr Adrian, Holcim Philippines is committed to supporting partners in this transition and is accelerating sustainability initiatives from greening operations to expanding its eco-friendly offerings. He said Holcim Philippines is digitalising operations to raise efficiency of production and logistics. The company is also using more alternative fuels and expanding its line of innovative blended cements that deliver equal to superior performance but with lower cost to the environment.

“Holcim is committed to provide solutions for building more with less materials, new buildings using recycled materials from old structures, and more efficient buildings using smart design and materials. We are excited to work with partners in building greener, smarter and for all in the Philippines to better contribute to the country’s progress,” he said.

Since 2015, Holcim Philippines has reduced its carbon footprint by 12 per cent by producing more blended cements, replacing coal with qualified wastes as alternative fuels, and improving efficiency of operations. The company’s carbon footprint reduction programme is aligned with the Holcim Group’s net zero direction and the country’s Nationally Determined Contributions. Aside from its own initiatives, the company is working with key stakeholders to encourage the consumption of low-carbon products to help reduce the footprint of the built environment.

Meanwhile, Holcim Philippines' chief sustainability officer, Zoe Sibala, shared the importance of new building materials and modes in constructing affordable houses. Ms Sibala explained that choosing the right cement can help in building better affordable houses and shared building innovations from the Holcim Group such as 3D building technology that the company can bring to the Philippines. She also invited affordable housing segment players to a conversation on new construction technologies and modes that can support the achievement of goals.

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