IKN completes test runs of calcium looping trials

IKN completes test runs of calcium looping trials
15 March 2023

After successfully finishing CLEANKER’s test-runs of the entrained Calcium Looping (CaL) system at Vernaca cement plant in Italy, the complete project will be presented to the public at the 9th HTSLCN conference at Piacenza this week.  

During this workshop IKN will present its plant design for the CLEANKER pilot project and the first steps towards scaling up to a full-size cement plant. 

CLEANKER aims to demonstrate the CaL concept, one of the most promising technologies for CO2 capture in cement plants, in a configuration that is highly integrated in the cement production process, making use of entrained flow reactors. The CLEANKER core activity is the design, construction and operation of a CaL demonstration system that will capture the CO2 from a portion of the flue gas of the cement plant in Vernasca, operated by Buzzi Unicem, using as CO2 sorbent the same raw meal used for clinker production. 

CLEANKER is coordinated by LEAP and integrates 13 research organisations from seven countries: five representatives from the academia, three research centres, one SME, one technology provider, two end users and one environmental organisation.

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