SaltX Technology has patent awarded for EAC

SaltX Technology has patent awarded for EAC
15 March 2023

SaltX Technology has developed an electrified solution for the industrial process of calcination and has now been granted a patent for its electric calcination technology in Sweden.

The Electric Arc Calciner (EAC) solution replaces fossil fuels with renewable electricity and isolates the CO2 released from the material during heating. The innovation provides an entirely emission-free manufacturing process.

The patent granted in Sweden covers several parameters, such as the cyclone design, plasma generator properties,  material rotation and CO2 separation. In addition to eliminating CO2 emissions from, for example, the production of quicklime, the technology provides many other benefits.

Lars Croon, head of Innovation at SaltX said: "The EAC provides the opportunity to control the process and material much better than the traditional method. In addition, electric heating with plasma offers excellent heat transfer and energy efficiency advantages."

The areas of use of the now patent-protected electric calcination technology include, in addition to the lime and cement industry, materials such as magnesium, lithium and carbonate minerals. The company has also applied for patent protection internationally.

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