Cementa prepares groundwork for 2030 electricity supply at Slite plant

Cementa prepares groundwork for 2030 electricity supply at Slite plant
24 April 2023

Cementa (Heidelberg Materials) is working purposefully in three areas to enable the transition to its carbon capture and storage  (CCS) facility at its Slite plant by 2030. The plant will need significantly more electricity, which will place great demands on the company as part of Gotland's electricity system as well as on the collaborations on which Cementa depend. 

Cementa is working to produce cement with as little energy as possible. Energy efficiency is also a decisive factor when, in the near future, Cementa will purchase equipment for the new parts of the plant. In addition, the company is making additional investments to reduce the climate impact, such as enabling electrified solutions in the business.

Cementa continues to promote the establishment of a new modern mainland connection. Svenska Kraftnät (Svk) has now been commissioned by the government to do just that. It creates the conditions for a safe electricity supply.

Major work is also underway to modernise and expand an ageing electricity grid on Gotland. Gotlands Elnät AB (GEAB) has started a voltage increase of the entire electricity grid on the island, which also includes the lines that supply the Slite plant with electricity. The latter will be paid for by the cement producer and benefit the electricity grid collective on Gotland. Cementa’s ambition is for the upgrades to be carried out as far as possible within existing main streets with limited impact on nearby residents. 

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