CRH supplies major highway project in Utah

CRH supplies major highway project in Utah
28 April 2023

CRH is playing an integral part in the West Davis Corridor project in Utah, USA. The 27km (17-mile), four-lane greenfield highway project will include freeway-style interchanges and 10 miles of new trails for biking and walking. Construction of the corridor began in 2021 and will require 7.2Mt of aggregates, 445,000t of asphalt and 42,050m3 (55,000 cubic yards) of ready-mixed concrete.

Staker Parson Materials & Construction, a CRH company, is delivering key components to the project, including underground utility work, drainage, fence installations, preliminary bridge work, placing stabilisation fabric, and excavation and embankment work in preparation for granular borrow and road base. 

Another CRH company, Oldcastle Infrastructure, is partnering with Staker Parson to provide 23.318km (76,504ft) of reinforced concrete pipe to capture stormwater as part of the drainage system. Staker Parson Materials & Construction has also implemented an innovative roadway embankment effort by hauling large amounts of repurposed aggregate material from its South Weber and Beck Street quarries and using it as structural fill. This material is helping build up the grade in preparation for asphalt, which will incorporate over 78,000t of recycled asphalt in the blend.

The project, which is due to complete in 2024, will help address the transportation challenges arising from a projected 65 per cent population growth in northern Utah by 2040, according to CRH. 

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