Bekabadcement carries out plant modernisation

Bekabadcement carries out plant modernisation
08 June 2023

United Cement Group (UCG) is undergoing a large-scale modernisation of its JSC Bekabadcement plant to transform it into a modern high-tech plant. 

Since the start of the modernisation, the plant has installed modern Unitherm burners, equipped all heat exchangers with new components from CNBM Beijing Triumph, connected a new fourth-generation cooler KC 4.1-0955 from BTIEC and re-launched a rotary kiln with a new lining.

One of the stages of the modernisation is an overhaul of the wet rotary kiln in the roasting shop to ensure reliable and efficient operation of the equipment and to increase the service life and productivity. 

In April 2023 the overhaul of the cement mill in the grinding shop, carried out jointly with Christian Pfeiffer, was completed at the plant. During the work, the specialists dismantled and replaced the tooling, as well as the equipment parts. The installed new elements will improve product quality and increase the efficiency of the technology at the enterprise.

The production capacity of the enterprise allows producing standard cement CEMI 42.5H, and the grinding station in Yangiyul, which is only 19km far from the centre of Tashkent and also a part of UCG ecosystem, provides quick delivery of high-quality cement for construction of buildings and road infrastructure. In addition, Bekabadcement JSC has already certified its road cement, which is used to improve of the road and transport network in the country. 

According to UCG Holding and the General Director of Bekabadcement JSC, Vasiliy Korobkin, the further development of the enterprise and improving the quality of its products would be difficult without the large-scale modernisation, which has helped to increase the capacity of the dry-process production line by 20 per cent (from 2500tpd to 3000tpd).

"In cooperation with the UCG holding we have carried out large-scale changes at the plant of JSC Bekabadcement. We see that UCG is interested in the modernisation and development of the enterprise, says Vasily Korobkin, General Director of Bekabadcement JSC. “The holding adheres to international standards, so all plans for the development of the plant are built according to international standards. Thanks to the capital reconstruction we expect to become a modern and successful enterprise in Uzbekistan, which is capable of becoming a major player in the cement industry of Central Asia.” 

Bekabadcement JSC has been operating in Uzbekistan since 1926 when the first production site with a capacity of 20,000t of cement was founded. The enterprise has always been considered a supplier of high-quality cement: its products were the basis for the construction of Nurek and Farkhad hydroelectric power plants, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Fergana and Syrdarya thermal power plants, Tashkent airport, Shurtan gas and chemical complex, and many other large power and industrial enterprises.

United Cement Group (UCG), is undergoing a large-scale modernisation of its Bekabad cement plant, Uzbekistan

United Cement Group (UCG), is undergoing a large-scale modernisation of its Bekabad cement plant

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