JSW Cement announces key milestones

JSW Cement announces key milestones
01 September 2023

JSW Cement has announced a number of milestones that underscore the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and expansion. 

Shiva Cement, a subsidiary of JSW Cement, has successfully commissioned its waste heat recovery systems, not only enhancing operational efficiency but also contributing significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions. “The utilisation of waste heat to generate energy aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability and minimising its environmental footprint,” said JSW Cement.

Shiva Cement was also on target to achieve its highest-ever clinker production in August this year. According to the company, this is a testament to its dedication to optimising production processes and increasing capacity. The increase in clinker production signifies not only enhanced operational efficiency but also the capability to meet growing market demand.

JSW Dolvi, another subsidiary of JSW Cement, has successfully completed its expansion, increasing its capacity to 4.5Mta. This expansion contributes to JSW Cement’s overall capacity, which now stands at 19Mta. The expansion of JSW Dolvi demonstrates the company’s strategic approach to cater to the growing infrastructure and construction needs of the nation, according to JSW Cement. 

JSW is actively engaged in further expansion projects that will significantly boost its production capacity. Work is progressing at a rapid pace at the grinding unit in Vijayanagar and the new clinker line in the UAE. These projects, scheduled to be completed by December 2023, will increase JSW Cement’s capacity to 21Mta. Within the next five years JSW Cement aims to advance its total capacity to 60Mta. 

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