Maerz Ofenbau AG carries out kiln audit and training at Cbb Cales

Maerz Ofenbau AG carries out kiln audit and training at Cbb Cales
25 September 2023

Maerz Ofenbau AG has conducted a combined kiln audit and training at CCB Cales’ Jáchal lime plant in San Juan district, Argentina. The goal was to improve operations and safety, and to bring all kiln personnel back up to the same level of knowledge, said Maerz Ofenbau AG.

The Jáchal lime plant, operated by Cbb Cales Argentina (formerly known as Compania Minera del Pacifico), has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality lime products. The plant aims to further streamline its processes and improve its competitive edge in the lime industry.

The kiln audit carried out by Maerz included a thorough assessment of various aspects of the lime production process. The operating parameters, the air balance, the fuel balance, and the product balance were examined. Together with the Cbb Cales Argentina team, the Maerz experts identified opportunities for optimisation and fine-tuning that would bring benefits in terms of safety, efficiency, cost savings and environmental compatibility.

“As the lime industry continues to evolve and strive for greater sustainability and efficiency, partnerships like these underscore the significance of knowledge-sharing and collaboration in driving positive change within the sector,” said Maerz.

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