Buzzi's Maryneal plant breaks production records

Buzzi's Maryneal plant breaks production records
29 September 2023

Buzzi's Maryneal plant in the USA reached record production levels in 2022 with clinker production of 1.03Mt and cement production of 1.18Mt, over 4.6 per cent above expectations. The 2022 figures also beat the 2021 figures, with clinker production coming in three per cent higher and cement production 2.5 per cent higher.   

“We’ve implemented strategies to keep reliable assets which allow the team members to work on continuous improvement. This affects the efficiency and productivity of all aspects of the plant“ said Antonio Corea Cruz, operations manager.  

According to the company, the plant achieved these incredible results through consistent communication and a positive culture. Plant leadership shared updated production numbers at daily meetings, keeping all employees actively engaged and creating an encouraging atmosphere. New ambitious goals have been set for 2023. 

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