LafargeHolcim Bangladesh sets up rainwater storage for the community

LafargeHolcim Bangladesh sets up rainwater storage for the community
02 October 2023

LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Ltd (Holcim group) inaugurated a “Rain Water Harvesting for Safe Drinking Water for the Community” project near its plant in Chhatak, Sunamganj, on 29 September 2023. The availability of safe drinking water in Chhatak has always been a community concern. In most cases, the community people have to collect water from the pond and other sources, which is unsafe to drink and leads to various waterborne diseases, according to the company.

LafargeHolcim Bangladesh came forward to address the issue sustainably and to create a positive social impact by installing 10 rainwater harvesting facilities in the community. Up to 50 families can now collect safe drinking water throughout the year. Chhatak experiences heavy rainfall approximately 6-7 months in a year. The company set up the water reservoirs with an efficient filtering system that can store at least 260,000l of water throughout the year.

During the inauguration, CEO Iqbal Chowdhury said, “Rain water harvesting shall play a major role in resolving the safe drinking water crisis for the communities in Chhatak.” The company also thanked the community for their continuous support, saying, “It is necessary to maintain the water tanks to get long-term benefits, and we believe the project shall be a sustainable solution for the community which will create a positive social impact.”

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