LETA provides US$3.8m funding for PACER technology

LETA provides US$3.8m funding for PACER technology
10 November 2023

Low Emission Technology Australia (LETA), an investor in technologies critical to reducing carbon emissions from industry, has committed AUD6m (US$3.8m) to support a new carbon capture solution for clinker production.

In a statement, LETA announced a partnership with Australian developer KC8 Technologies for the PACER (Potassium Carbonate Absorption for Clinker Emissions Reduction) initiative.The project’s goal is to capture up to 95 per cent of emissions generated during clinker production, a crucial component in cement manufacturing formed by sintering clays and limestone, LETA said. The trial for PACER will take place at Cement Australia’s Gladstone facility in the state of Queensland, leveraging existing cement production infrastructure.

LETA’s initial support will focus on testing, validation, and optimisation of the technology, with the ultimate objective being to transition towards large-scale implementation.

Greg Ross, Executive Director for KC8, emphasised the project’s commitment to supporting Australia’s heavy industries in achieving climate reduction goals. He expressed the aspiration to demonstrate the economic feasibility of removing millions of tonnes of CO2 from flue gases using existing assets, a development with global implications. 

Mark McCallum, LETA’s CEO, highlighted the collaborative synergy between LETA’s expertise in low-emission technologies and KC8’s innovative PACER technology.

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