First Graphene successfully completes Phase 2 Trial at Breedon Cement

First Graphene successfully completes Phase 2 Trial at Breedon Cement
29 November 2023

First Graphene has successfully completed the second phase of graphene-enhanced cement trials in collaboration with Breedon Cement Ltd at the cement producer’s Hope Cement Works.

The Phase Two trials used 4t of grinding aid containing PureGRAPH® to produce an additional 600t of graphene-enhanced cement at the production scale. The focus was on the optimisation of dosing methods at an increased graphene loading level, with the resulting formulation change in the grinding aid. The stage builds on the learnings from earlier work, with results expected in January 2024, which will be used to compare performance to the Phase One trials.

Initial results released from the Phase One trials, which included use of cement produced in the construction of a high-volume car wash-down facility, has seen First Graphene enter early-stage discussions with a a UK government agency to optimise graphene-enhanced cement’s performance to meet its needs, focussing on early-stage strength gain. Phase One trials achieved an up to 10 per cent increase in the cement’s early-stage compressive strength and a 15 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process.

Meanwhile, performance tests continue at Holcim New Zealand, which is working on identifying the optimum PureGRAPH product to achieve reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the performance of cement blends to extend the range of applications.

In addition, First Graphene has started collaborative trials with Siam City Cement Public Co Ltd, Thailand, targeting lower clinker content in the company’s cement products while maintaining good cement quality. Laboratory-scale testing is underway.

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